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Welcome to our section all about us. Here we take a look at the site, how it came about, what came before it and what's coming up in the future


Life before the BritSet Archive

I guess I have always had an interest in TV, the programmes the look and the feel. The event that really spiked my interest was the changes in ITV with the 1991 franchise awards. For those who were too young or perhaps forgotten the government of the day decided to abolish the regulator and create a new one called the Independent Television Commission or ITC. One of the first acts for the ITC was to award the new franchises for ITV and this was done as an auction with companies bidding for the rights to hold the new franchises. This lead to the loss of some big companies who were replaced with some that were perhaps not so great.


On the 31st December 1992 there were big changes afoot in the South of England where I live, the breakfast television contractor TV-am had their last day as did our regional contractor TVS Television, both would be replaced the following day (by GMTV and Meridian respectively). It was also a big time of change for me with 1993 being the year I would start in high school and this along with the changes on the telly had a huge impact on the young me. I was very sad to see the end of TV-am and remember the final programme well, I tried staying awake to say goodbye to TVS but sadly fell asleep and missed that one. I wrote that day a piece with pictures of the logos of TV-am and TVS (still cannot dram that flower) and the following day that of GMTV and Meridian (Still cannot draw that face thing very well). This is the start of my interest and it went from there.

TV presentation on the Internet

Around 1997 I finally got the internet and I looked up UK Television and came across the sites Meldrum Home Page or MHP which is still there today, the information site of Transdiffusion, 625 Television Room and some like TV World, Sean Hughes Logo Page and others no longer with us. Back in those days things were a lot smaller and there were plenty more sites around than there is now and used to spend an age downloading a low resolution video (back in the day of Freeserve and 1p per minute web time at the weekends).

At home we still had a number of VHS tapes with some things we felt would be of interest and eventually we made our own little site and we have had several over the years, some of which we can't quite remember what they were and have no content of them

Below is some of the past sites


The BritSet Archive

I spent some time away from doing sites, other priorities took precedence. Lost my mom, met the woman who I would marry, new jobs the usual kind of stuff then in 2014 my wife encouraged me to start thinking about creating what would become the BritSet Archive. I had continued to collect content and objects including some bits from the former BBC Television Centre (a long journey negotiating trains and tube with all this stuff).

On the 1st January the BritSet Archive went on the air and our logo looked a bit like this

On the 1st August 2018 we had a relaunch with a new look, new presentation, new clips and a better viewing experience especially on the tablets and smart phones of today. We have now started to rebuild the site so we are starting small again and we will be bigger than ever before having invested in the archive and the equipment to bring it to you

Thank you for taking the time to read this site and how you enjoy the UK's home of TV History - The BritSet Archive

Mark Witherington
The BritSet Archive