Welcome To The Help Centre

This is out help centre where you can find the answers to some of life's little questions (well about The BritSet Archive anyway.

Over time we will update this section with what people are getting stuck and how to get round these issues. If you have a question please get in touch


anyway some answers to some common questions

Q. Can the site be viewed on a tablet / ipad?
A. Yes, whilst we cannot guarantee it will work on all devices you should be able to view it on most. It may be a little troublesome on some devices with a smaller screen but we have tried to do it in a way that it will resize to your screen. You can also view video clips on mobile devices (not always the case on some websites).

Q. Do you have any jobs going?

A. Sorry but no, we are a hobby site and do not employ anybody.

Q. Do you offer work experience?

A. Sorry but no, we are a hobby site and therefore not in a position to offer work experience, we also work on the site on an ‘around other bits’ basis so the times it is worked on can be a bit sporadic.

Q. Are you connected with any broadcasters / production companies ect?

A. No we are independent from any broadcaster / production company / other organisation. Where we include a company’s / organisation’s content we do so to showcase their work and provide an insight into it, we make no claim to have any connection to them.

Q. Do you sell copies of programmes in your archives?

A. Sorry we are unable to do this due to copyright reasons, many of the programmes discussed are available in all good DVD stockists. For convienience where programmes are comercially available we have in some instances included a link to Amazon for you to purchase a copy from there.

Q. Can we visit the archives?

A. Sorry we are unable to facilitate this as it is a hobby site.

Q. Do you ever loan items from the archive?

A. In certain circumstances we may allow some items to be loaned out to registered institutions (museums etc.). If you do want to a loan of an item please do get in touch. Unfortunately we are unable to loan items out to individuals / privately due to the risks involved with items being damaged or lost, some of which are irreplaceable.

Q. Do you accept items for the archive?

A. Yes please we are always very greatful for items, objects, documents, books, material (video / audio or otherwise) and information so please check out our wanted section for more details. We will always give credit where we have obtained matierial in this way.

Q. Who is behind the BritSet Archive?

A. Check out the section all about us