On The Air 30th July 1968 - 31st December 1992
Current Status Now a production company - owned by FreemantleMedia
Notable Programmes
Man About The House The Bill The Tomorrow People
Magpie The Sweeney Minder
Mr. Bean Men Behaving Badly Take Your Pick
Never The Twain Bless This House Rumpole Of The Bailey

Thames Television were the holders of the London weekday franchise between 1968 and 1992. Operating fron studios at Teddington and Euston Road Thames they were one of the big five ITV companies to provide programmes for the ITV network (the others being London Weekend Television (LWT) , Granada, Yorkshire, and ATV (later Central)) contibuting to major sucesses for the channel.

They lost their franchise in the 1991 ITC franchise auction to Carlton Television and are now a production company

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Thames Television Frontcap - Pauline's Quirkes

This frontcap was used before an episode of the children's comedy show Pauline's Quirkes



Thames Television Continuity

Continuity into News At Ten


Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes during the setup and filming of Mike Yarwood's shows during the early to  mid 1980s