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In this part we have included a number of links to websites about various TV related websites which are informative and hopefully of some interest. We have no connection to these sites so are not responsible for content on their site, we have included these links as a source of further information.

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An Incomplete history of London's television studios

Great site full of info about London's TV studios, past and present 

Golden Age Television Recreations

Suppliers of vintage broadcasting equipment for hire for various productions.

VT Old Boys

A look behind the sceens at Auntie.

National Science and Media Museum

Museum in Bradford with alarge collection of TV related items
The Museum Of The Broadcast Camera

Great site looking at a huge number of old broadcast cameras they have in their archives
British Amateur Television Club
Baird Television

A look at the first person to demonstrate a working Television system, John Logie Baird 
British Vintage Wireless Society

An insight to vintage radios and TV
The Advertising Archives

Looks at advertising in print and also some from TV 
Pebble Mill Studios

A look back at the former studios at Pebble Mill, Birmingham

A look at BBC Engineering between 1922 - 1997
Mikey's Vintage Technology Page

A look back at vintage equipment with good sections informats such as betamax
The Grampian Television Studios

Fansite dedicated to the former holder of the ITV Northern Scotland franchise 


Site about restoring an old BBC OB Vehicle 
Back To Bush House

A look at the former home to the BBC World Service
A Tech-Ops History

A look back at the golden days of the BBC
Labguy's World

Looking at recording equipment before Betamax and VHS
British Heritage Television

Vintage transmission and broadcasting equipment 

TV Outside Broadcast History

A look back at everything to do with outside broadcasting 

British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum

A museum based in Dudley with a huge range of vintatge radios 
Dynatron Museum

A private collection of of vintatge radios
BBC Pensioner's Association

Total Rewind

A look at recording technology of old 

Narrow-bandwidth Television Association

Looking at early television 


Television inforamtion site 
BBC Comms Department

Chat site for past and present BBC staff 

Broadcasting House A Potted History

A site looking at the home of the BBC, Broadcasting House

On The Air

Specialists in vintage broadcast technology

Montacute TV Radio Toy Museum

Small museum with TV memorabilia 

The Old Tellys Site

A site dedicated from the word of old TV's