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In this part we have included a number of links to websites about various TV programmes, both official sites and those from loyal fans. We have no connection to these sites so are not responsible for content on their site, we have included these links as a source of further information.

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TV Cream

Great site full of features about various British TV shows amongst other things

80s Cartoons

Site looking at those cartoons on during my childhood

UK Gameshows

Everythign you wanted to know about loads of game shows

You have Been Watching David Croft

The site of the much missed comedy genius David Croft

Retro Junk

Looks back at various things retro especially TV shows

Broadcast For Schools

Site looking at programmes for schools over the years


A look at cartoons in the UK

Classic Kids TV

A site dedicated to children's TV.

Little Gems

Comprehensive guide to many classic children's shows


A site covering various TV programmes

Tumptonshire Web

Site dedicated to children's programme Trumpton

Jedi's Paradise

Looks at children's telly from years gone by


Off The Telly

Site looking at many different aspects of British TV

Sterling Times

A nostaligic look at television amongst other things

Tony Hart

Site of the late great TV personality and artist


Tribute site to children's programme Noggin the Nog

Danger Man

A site about the 1960s drama

The Unmutual

A site dedicated to the classic drama The Prisioner

The Tony Hancock Appreciation Society

Site about the late, great comic Tony Hancock

Kids TV

Informative children's TV site

The Dad's Army Museum

A museum dedicated to the 1960s/1970s sitcom

A Load Of Bowlocks

A site dedicated to The Big Breakfast

The Walford Gazette

Eastenders fansite

Willo The Wisp

Site about the classic kids show

Lee and Herring

Site from the two behind Fist Of Fun, Stuart Lee and Richard Herring

The Dad's Army Appreciation Society

The site about Dad's Army run by Frank Williams who was actually in it!

The Persuaders

Fan site for this classic TV series

Tiswas Online

Site about the iconic 1970s / 1980s children's programme

Neighbours The Perfect Blend

Site dedicated to the Aussie soap

Back To The Bay

Site looking at the Australian soap Home And Away


Site dedicated to lost and found programmes and all things TV


Chat site remember Top Of The Pops

A Guide To Avengerland

Site looking at the locations and filming of the ITC drama The Avengers

The Avengers Forever

Loos at the drama series The Avengers

Captain Pugwash Exhibition


Crossroads Appreciation Society

Site dedicated to the classic ATV soap


Site dedicated to The Saint staring Roger More

The Prisioner Appreciation Society

Are You Being Served? Forever

Site dedicated to the fictional Grace Brothers


Fan site dedicated to the world of Maplin's Holiday Camp

Steptoe And Son

Site dedicated to this staple of British comedy staring Harry H. Corbett and Wilfred Bramble

On The Buses

Home to the official On The Buses fan-club

Porridge - The Unofficial Homepage

The Father Ted Guide

The Fawlty Towers Guide

Poggle's Wood

A site looking back at children's programme The Poggles

Ivor The Engine

Tribute site to children's programme Ivor The Engine

Cherished Television

Bother's Bar

Chat site about game shows and quizs

Bless This House

Fansite about Sid James' 1970's sitcom

Memorable TV

A look at current TV programmes

The Mr. Men and Little Miss Homepage

Site about the charactors from Roger Hargreaves

Noggin The Nog

Tribute site to children's programme Noggin the Nog

Reggie Online

Site dedicated to The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin

Are You Being Served? Central!

Site looking at the Croft and Perry comedy classic

Haunted TV

Looking at paranormal programming over the years

The Double Deckers

Mr. Bean

Site dedicated to this British institution staring Rowan Atkinson

ATV Today

Informative site about various aspects of television

Department S

Fansite dedicated to the ITC drama

Keeping Up Appearances

Fansite about the 1990s comedy staring Patricia Routledge


Fan site for the detective series

The Herbs and The Adventures of Parsley