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In this part we have included a number of links to other TV presentation websites which have inspired us and are worth taking a look at. We have no connection to these sites so are not responsible for content on their site, we have included these links as a source of further information.

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Transdiffusion Broadcasting System

Very informative site full of features covering the history of British TV.

TV Live

Long running TV site featuring lots of pics and clips about all aspects of our TV.
Meldrum Home Page

An early site and one which really inspired me to create this one with lots of great content

Andrew Wiseman's 625 Television Room

Site looking at presentation and feaures some great flash files with different presentation, well worth a look.


The official website of the TV-am archive and museum

The Ident Gallery

Great site about British TV presentation

The TV Room

ITV Southern England

Site looking at the regional ITV companies which have operated in the South and South East of England

Independent TeleWeb

A site looking into the history of various early ITV companies - very informative

TV Whirl

TV presentation site packed full of great content

TV Forum

The place to have a natter about the telly

The Harlech House of Graphics

A site dedicated to TV in Wales and the West of England.

TV Newsroom

The site about everything to do with news presenation


Lots of content here especially about various satellite and cable channels.

This Is Five

Site dedicated to the presentation on Channel 5


A good look at the various presentation on our screens over the years

Everything you possibly need to know about transmitters and teletext / Ceefax


A look at television in Ireland


TV presentation discussion website

The Test Card Circle

For everything test card related

Alexandra Palace Television Society

A site dedicated to the original home of TV, Alexandra Palace


Classic TV site from the 1950s

Television Heaven


UK Television Adverts

Looking at adverts in the UK between 1955 and 1990

Historical Television Website (HTW)

HTW looks at varipous aspects of British TV from the BBC to TV-am and has some great sections on TV in the South of England.

Presentation Archive

Taking a look how different countries do presentation on screen