Ace Of Wands

Ace of Wands was a children’s drama from Thames Television which ran for three series between 1970 and 1972. The only series to survive is series three, the first two having been wiped.

The main character was called Tarot (Ace of Wands being a tarot card see) who shared a telepathic link with an orphan called Lilli and assisted by reformed convict Sam. Having this link enabled them to communicate over long distances to help solve various issues. In the final series there was Mikki and Chas who had the same types of roles and replaced Lilli and Sam. Another key character was antique bookshop owner Mr Sweet who would answer Tarot’s questions.

     Produced By Thames Television
     On The Air 29th July 1970 – 29th November 1972 (ITV)

Michael MacKenzie – Tart

Roy Holder – Chas Diamond

Petra Markham – Mikki Diamond

Fred Owl  Ozymandias

Donald Layne-Smith – Mr. Sweet

Michael Standing – Spoon

Judy Low – Lillian Palmer

Tony Selgy – Sam Maxstead

Edward Hammond – Jay

Sebastian Graham Jones – John Pentacle

Vivien Heibron – Emm

Susan Glanville – Dee

John Barron – Bartlett Bonnington

VerononDobtchedd – Senor Zander

Dorothy Renyolds – Mrs. Kite

Michael Wayne – Fat Boy

Charles Morgan – Computer

Oscar Quitak – Ceribraun

Nicholas Smith – Fredericks

Sylvia Coleridge – Letty Edgington

Pat Nye – Mama Doc

Brian Wilde – Mr. Peacock

Dorothy Frere – Mrs. MacFadyean

Barry Linehan – Mockers

Wendy Hamilton – Posy Peagram

Jenny McCracken – Young Mrs MacFadyean

Paul Dawkins – Dove

Lucy Griffiths – 1st Old Lady

Michael Mundell – Bobby

Mysie Monte – 3rd Old Lady

Robert Grange – Professor Darian

Stefan Kalipha – Drum

James Bree – Matilda Edgington

Kathleen St. John – 2nd Old Lady

Neil Linden – Accordion Player

Ivor Roberts – Dr. MacDonals

May Warden – 4th Old Lady

David Prowse – Kal

Tony Caunter – Sox

Anal Chuntz – Pollux

Isobel Black – Thalia

Laurence Carter – Dr. Richard Winthrop

Howard Goorney – Sir John Packham

Harriet Harper – Polandi

Russell Hunter – Mr. Stabs

Carmen Munroe – The Queen

Jonathan Newth – Dalbiac

Walter Sparrow – The King

Ian Trigger – Luko

Dermot Tuohy – Uncle Harry

Joe Dunlp – Fergus Wilson

Michael Mulcaster – High Priest

Fred Beauman – 1st Worshipper

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Ace Of Wands [Titles]
6th September 1972
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Ace Of Wands
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Ace Of Wands [Credits]
6th September 1972
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