The Danedyke Mystery

The Danedyke Mystery was a six part children’s drama by Granada set in a fictional village called Danedyke St Mary, The story is set around the former Chief Inspector, Reverend Septimus Treloar who investigates trouble going on at his church

In the village of Danedyke St Mary the Reverend Septimus Treloar, a former Chief Inspector, investigates mysterious goings on linked to his church.

     Produced By Granada Television
     On The Air 3rd June 1979 – 15th July 1979 (ITV)

Michael Craig – Rev Septimus Treload

Kenneth Colley – The Major

Tessa Peake-Jones – Angela Horton

John Rhys-Davies – Armchair

David Sumner – Narrator

Derek Thompson – Tom Richards

Adrian Delaney - Russell Skingle

Preston Lockwood – Dr. Henry Simmonds

Peter Vaughan – Detective Inspector Burroughs

Jeremy Child – Sir James Carruthers

Fanny Rowe – Mary Crowle

Leon Eagles – Olob Hellerstadt

Bernard Latham – PC Skingle

Rogert Longden – Lionel Empson

Simon Molloy – Setective Sargent Trasker

William Tarmey – Workman

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The Danedyke Mystery [Titles]
3rd June 1979


The Danedyke Mystery


The Danedyke Mystery [Credits]
3rd June 1979