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A big thank you for taking the time out to visit our site and our page.

If you would like to help with the site we are always looking for more content to make the site as great as possible (in time at least). This is a hobby site and we cannot afford to buy in lots of material so anything that is donated is gratefully received. We can pay fees in some circumstances.


We will include any material given to us at the earliest opportunity and give you due credit as well as being eternally grateful.


If you feel you would like to help (we hope you can) please contact us at


Accepted Formats

We currently have the facilities to accept the following




We are also interested in any TV books, promotional material, broadcasting / studio equipment, or anything else related to UK Television. Please get in touch so we can discuss postage.

If your item is not in the above formats please get in touch still as we are still looking to increase the formats we can process over time. We are looking to add the following formats when funds / available equipment allows