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On the Air 1st November 2001 - 19th November 2004
Owned by Auction World Limited
Replaced n/a
Sister Channels AuctionWorld Reserve

AuctionWorld.TV was a telephone auction shopping channel.

The channel promised high quality products at a  low price but this would eventually lead to their downfall. The format was that a presenter would describe the auctioned product, giving a guide price on what viewers could expect to pay elsewhere using a minimum of three high street retailers. There would be a number of these items for sale and this information was displayed on screen. The auctions mostly ran for three minutes however the presenter would often stop the clock to talk about the item some more and in some cases would take telephone calls from delighted shoppers of the product previously.

There was an issue with this process as there was a delay in what the viewers were seeing on screen in terms of the current bidding price and the price the item would be at when they got through. This delay in receiving the signal would often result in the viewer paying more than they had intended in the auction. 

Ultimately it would be their business model which would lead to their demise. Questions began to be raised on the legitimatecy of the guide prices as it was not revealed where they had looked to create these average guide prices. The gap between the guide price and the valuation of the item widened to the point that even the presenters began to doubt the prices. This lead to reduced consumer confidence and as the company reduced costs, in particular to increase delivery time scales, complaints being sent to the regulator and trading standards.

Following customer complaints the BBC's consumer affairs programme Watchdog undertook an investigation of the company


Following numerous complains Watchdog undertook an investigation looking at the claims of failed deliveries and questionable price guides


  BBC Watchdog reporting on AuctionWorld.TV being closed down
29th November 2004


The Office for Communications (OfCom), the regulator of commercial TV in the UK, handed the company a fine of £450,00. The company was also prosecutred by Hertfordshire Trading Standards, given a month to clear outstanding products and pay £15m Losses while its directors were bannded from work in that field for a year and a half
The fine, along with the recent bad publicity about their business practices forced the company into administration. All their channels went off the air on the 19th November 2004. In April of the following year another auction channel surfaced called IBuy which had an almost identical look to AuctionWorld.TV using the same production and floor teams along with the same offices as their predecessor. iBuy disappeared in 2007.





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