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On the Air 31st October 2005 (as Sky Two) - 27th August 2020
Owned by British Sky Broadcasting
Replaced Sky Mix
Replaced By Sky Replay
Sister Channels Pick TV
Sky 1
Sky 3
Sky 3D
Sky Atlantic
Sky Living
Sky Living Loves
Sky Movies
Sky News
Sky Real Lives
Sky Sports
Sky Sports News
Sky Travel
Sky Witness
Address Grant Way

Tel 0333 759 1018
Website http://www.sky.com

  • Sky 2 launched as Sky One Mix as a supplementary channel to the flagship channel Sky One. Sky Two was launched in November 2004 at the same time as Sky Three. The original look was created by Kaktus Films which were similar to those already in use on Sky One. At the end of August 2008 the name was changed to Sky 2 and had a new ident with green liquids (this coincided with new idents for both Sky 1 and Sky 3 who both had similar ident where a substance was coming out of a box to reveal the channel number).

    Sky 2 was to be a complimentary channel to the material on Sky 1, much the same as Sky One Mix. Sky 2 had various different channel numbers over the years as it moved out of favour to other channels such as Sky Living in 2011.Sky 2 has held the following channel numbers on Sky
 - Channel 129 (Previously home to Syfy)  (2011-2012)
- Channel 121 (Previously Sky Living +1) (2012-2015)
 - Channel 129 (following move of Sky Arts to a single channel ) - (2015 - 2017)
 - Channel 123 (Previously ITV Encore) (2018)
 - Channel 151 (Swapping place with E!) (2018 - 2019)
 - Channel 170 (Previously Real Lives) (2019)
 - Channel 168 (following closure of Your TV) (2019 - 2020)

Sky 2 would be one of a number of channels (including Sky One, Sky News, Sky Sports News and Sky Trtavel) which would end up being blocked on Virgin Media for a time due to a dispute between them and BSkyB. On the 1st March 2007 Virgin blocked these channels, changing the EPG entry for Sky 2 to direct viewers to Living. On the 13th November the following year an agreement was made to return these channels (with the exception of Sky Travel which had been replaced by Sky Real Lives) to Virgin Media customers with the addition of Sky Arts.

For a time Sky 2 acted as a timeshift version of Sky 1 although would retain its distinct branding. During this time the channel mostly showed what was on Sky 1 an hour previously, there were exceptions to this where particular shows sould not be repeated and instead an alternate show appeared on Sky 2 instead. This started on the  10th May 2010 and was abandoned on the 9th August that year.

Unlike the flagship channel Sky 2 has only ever been available in standard definition




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Sky 2 Break Bumper
British Sky Broadcasting


SKY 2 IDENT - 2009



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Sky 2 Ident
British Sky Broadcasting


On the 27th August 2020 Sky 2 was replaced with a catchup service called Sky Replay.






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