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Welcome to our section where we are going to talk all about us. In this section we take a look at why the site was created, what was about before and a little bit about our vision for the future.


From a young age I had an interest in TV, not just the programmes but those bits around it like the presentation and the adverts.

As a child I would only come across a limited amount of TV but when we did I was fascinated by the idents and things like the BBC's broom cupboard.

One of the big events that spiked my interest was the changes within ITV in the early 1990s and the ITV franchise awards. So what happened was the regulator of ITV had been changed by the then government, a new body called the Independent Television Commission (ITC) was formed and their first task was the appointment of new franchises to start at the beginning of 1993. Many areas would not be hugely affected but things were a little different here on the south coast.

In the south our local station was TVS and they were one of the companies which lost their franchise (it was an auction which they deemed to have bid too high) and would go off the air. This was bad enough but one of the other bigger stories was that TV-am, who provided the breakfast service, had also lost out (they bid too low) and we had them on our telly pretty much every day. Whilst many would not notice a lot of difference on screen in 1993 it was going to be all change for us in the south.


Thursday 31st December 1992 came and the last Good Morning Britain, it was emotional and can still remember that morning vividly, running into the kitchen feeling gutted they were going and the sadness at the final montage of staff members. That morning I drew the TV-am logo and later that of TVS who came on for their final day after TV-am was no more. I tried to stay awake until the end of TVS but fell asleep so never got to say goodbye to them like I had TV-am

The following morning I drew the logos of the new companies that had taken over, GMTV was simple enough and our new local service Meridian was a bit more difficult but still easier than the flower thing of TVS.


GMTV Ident Meridian Ident


1993 was a time for huge change for me personally as I was leaving my middle school and joining secondary school later in the year so it was a time of uncertainty and upheaval so the changed in the TV I was watching reflected what I was going through. I kept the paper with the logos on in what would be the very first thing of the BritSet Archive all those years later. 


Around 1997 we first got the internet, not long after I got my first PC. I thought I would try and look up to see if there was any information to jog my memory and expected to be disappointed.

There were some very interesting sites however like Meldrum Home Page (MHP), the information site Transdiffusion, Andrew Wiseman's 625 Television Room along with some others like TV World, Sean Hughes Logo pages and others which are no longer with us.

Back in the late 1990s the internet was still developing, the download speed was slow with dial up internet (restricted to the weekend with Freeserve as it was 1p per minute) and clips were small and in Real Video format There were plenty of VHS tapes at home at this point and I felt that maybe these might be of some interest to others so set about creating a little site of my own, some material would be the same as other sites and some may not have been available elsewhere.


These were some of the sites I created before The BritSet Archive was developed


AMBET Media Group logo Best of British TV logo
UKTV Today logo TV Waffle logo


Sites came and went as did our own, priorities were different and time pressures made working on the sites difficult.

By 2014 I had started thinking about creating yet another new website. Although work had stopped on the websites my collecting had not, I had been getting tapes where I could, bits off eBay and even managed to get hold of some bits from BBC Television Centre when it closed in 2013 (a nightmare negotiating the London Underground and train back to Poole with very heavy and bulky broadcasting equipment.

On the 1st January 2015 the BritSet Archive went on the air and our logo looked a bit like this


The BritSet Archive logo


By 2018 the site was relaunched with an altered look. I started thinking on a fresh approach to the site bringing in not only a new look but more content and a better experience. We have now started to rebuild the site and so the site is now slightly smaller than it once was but we have plenty to do and the new site will be bigger and better than ever with lots more content and features.

We have invested in our site, our content and our equipment to help make sure that the BritSet Archive is the UK's home of TV history, Thank you for taking the time to read our section and for continuing to support the website.

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