On The Air 2nd August 1968 - 27th October 2002
Current Status Now part of ITV PLC, LWT name no longer used
Notable Programmes
Beadle's About London's Burning Blind Date
The Two of Us Gladiators Curry and Chips
The South Bank Show On The Buses Please Sir!
Second Thoughts You Bet! Play Your Card Right

London Weekend Television, better known as LWT were the holders of the London weekend franchise between 1968 and 2002. Operating from studios on the south bank of the river LWT were one of the big five ITV companies to provide programmes for the ITV network (the others being Thames , Granada, Yorkshire, and ATV (later Central)) contibuting to major sucesses for the channel.

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From London Weekend Frontcap

This frontcap was used before an episode of Curry and Chips




LWT Frontcap - Just William

This frontcap was used before the 1970s children's programme Just William



LWT Frontcap

This frontcap was used before an episode of Billy Liar



LWT Frontcap

This frontcap was used before an episode of Bless me Father



LWT Trailer

Trailer notifying viewers that their weekend would be starting a bit earlier from January 1st



LWT Frontcap - Genesis

This would be shown before LWT programmes back in the mid 1980s