ChuckleVision was a slapstick style children’s comedy staring the Chuckle Brothers. Paul Chuckle was dominant over his brother Barry, he was the decision maker (usually bad decisions) and when things went wrong he would put the blame on his brother Barry often with the line “silly you”.

Originally the show contained a topic starting from their first episode which was about Breakfast Television where the pair hosted their own breakfast TV service. This structure continued through to the end of the first series.

Later series would see the pair being employed in a number of jobs and this would mostly end in disaster and with them getting the sack. Their boss was different in every episode but was played by their real life brother Jimmy Patton, the boss was called No Slacking as he would tell the brothers to do this after saying what they needed to do. The would sometimes also do work for an off-screen character called Dan The Van.

The pair would travel in a quadcycle called The Chuckmobile which had a striped roof, Barry would drive while Paul had his feet up

Until series 14 the show had individual storylines for each episode with outtakes appearing in the credits from series 14. Series 15 and 16 had a single storyline which continued throughout the series although there was a return to the previous format from series 17 until the end of its run.

     Produced By BBC Television
     On The Air 26th September 1987 – 18th December 2009 (BBC 1)

Barry Chuckle

Paul Chuckle

Jimmy Patton – No Slacking

Brian Patton – Murk

Simon Harvey – Robespierre

Kate Copstick – Old Lady

David Williams – Bob Hives

Barry Killerby – Sir Percey

Peter Gale – Carrington-Smythe

Leni Harper – Mrs. McCallister

Tilly Edwards  The Countess

Terry Randall – Bill Poster

Kirsten Cooke – Maddy

John Rutland – Customer

Alan Heap – Old Jezza

Alan Heap – Airport Clerk

Ramsay Gilderdale – Brian Butler

David Barber – Groom

Rosemary Macvie – Gran

Stephen Omer – Devonish

Billy Butler – Storyteller

Mary Ruscoe – Farmers Wife

Leslie Schofield – French Detective

Gibb Sutherland – Customs Officer

Ronald Forfar – Professer Frimley

Malcom Terris – Tatlock

Dave Benson Phillips - Himself

Chris Jarvis - Head Page

Roy Castle – Himself

Harry Hill – Simon Chortle

Paul Shane – Perry Champagne

John D Collins – Pilot

Bernie Nolan - Mother

Greg Davies - Henry VIII

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ChuckleVision [Titles]
26th September 1987
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© BBC Worldwide


ChuckleVision [Credits]
26th September 1987
© BBC Worldwide