On The Air 15th June 1983 - 20th July 1983
Current Status Available on DVD
Production Company BBC Television
Episodes 6
Rowan Atkinson Tony Robinson Brian Blessed
Tim McInnerny Peter Cook Elspet Gray
Robert East Patrick Allen  

The Black Adder was a historical comedy set in medieval times staring Rown Atkinson as Edumnd Blackadder. This was the first of the Blackadder series an has a different feel to the rest in that Edmund is the stupid one compared to his servant Baldrick (played by Tony Robinson) who is far more inteligent, something which is reversed in the future series)

In this series he is the youngest son of King Richard IV but only after he manages to accidently behead the current king (played by Peter Cook).

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The Black Adder [Titles]
15th June 1983

Titles to the first episode of the series


The Black Adder [Credits]
15th June 1983

Credits for the first episode of the series