On The Air 23rd November 1963 - Present
Current Status Some episodes available on DVD, some episodes do not exists in the BBC archives
Production Company BBC Television
William Hartnell Patrick Troughton Jon Pertwee
Tom Baker Peter Davidson Colin Baker
Sylvester McCoy Paul McGann Christopher Eccleston
David Tennant Matt Smith Peter Capaldi

Doctor Who for those who have been living under a rock for the last 50+ years is a sci-fi programme about a timeload called The Doctor who travels in their TARDIS, a time travelling police box which is bigger on the inside. The show originally ran from 1963 until it was cancelled at the end of 1989. A TV movie was made in 1996 and the show returned in 2003 which is filmed largely in and around Cardiff, South Wales.

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William Hartnell
1963 - 1966
Patrick Troughton
1966 - 1970
Jon Pertwee
1970 - 1974
Tom Baker
1974 - 1981
Peter Davison
1982 - 1984
Colin Baker
1984 - 1986
Sylvester McCoy
1987 - 1989
Paul McGann
Christopher Eccleston
David Tennant
2005 - 2010
Matt Smith
2010 - 2013
Peter Capaldi
2013 - 2017